3rd Forum on Domestic Production Realized - International Burch University

3rd Forum on Domestic Production Realized

The Forum brought in the panel discussion representatives of retail stores Amko Commerce, Hoše commerce, Penny Plus and Klas d.o.o, who spoke on the topic “Effect of retail stores on domestic production development “.

In his introductory speech, the Rector of the International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu particularly welcomed the students’ initiative, which brought together representatives of retail stores, being a very important part of the domestic production and of B&H economy.
“This is an important event for people of the country itself because it rises awareness of the importance of buying domestic products with the main aim to raise the economy of B&H” said rector Uzunoğlu.

Central Bank Governor Kemal Kozarić, adressed that the trade deficit can be reduced by raising the citizens’ awareness of recognizing and buying domestic products to foreign currency would not have went abroad, and new employement opportunities would be opened.
After Rector’s and Central Bank Governor’s addressings, President of the Association ‘’We Buy and Use Domestic Products’’ Admir Kapo also supported this student initiative.

The Third Forum on domestic production, presented by the youth Campaign, and led by the Student Business Club of Burch University, worked during the last month in order to increase the purchase and promotion of domestic products.

“Today ends our coordination of the Campaign 387. We are proud that theproduct of our work are hundreds of young people who continue purchasing and promoting domestic products on social networks. We declared these young people as ambassadors for promotion of domestic production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are really happy to show that the youth is a resourse and not a problem ouf our society by dispelling stereotypes, “said Kemal Nedzibovic, PR of Forum on Domestic Production.

“We are aware that this forum will not change the current state of the domestic economy tomorrow significantly, but also that it is important that young people start initiating events of this type, and that customers’ awareness of purschasing domestic products should be worked on step by step. We proudly say that this event starts being a tradition, and is a venue primarily of businessmen and other members of the community” said Aldina Rastoder, President of the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

Partner in the realization of this year’s Forum is the Association “Buy and use domestic products –quality produced in B&H”.