Abdullah Ibradžić entered the top 12% best photos at international contest 35Awards - International Burch University
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November 8, 2021
November 9, 2021

Abdullah Ibradžić entered the top 12% best photos at international contest 35Awards

Abdullah Ibradžić, a second-year student at the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, took part in the 35Awards, an international prestige photo contest where the best photographers from around the world present their works. Abdullah chose to participate in the photography theme contest „Man with a beard “. After passing the first eliminatory stage of voting and then according to the results of the main voting by a professional jury, his work “Portrait of Paul Lowe” entered the top 12% best photos of the contest.

“Portrait of Paul Lowe”

A total of 3833 people from 130 countries, 1,317 cities took part in the contest. In total, 10,263 photographs were submitted for the competition.

 „Being in the top 12% among 10.263 photographs and professional photographers from all over the world is amazing “, said Abdullah.

But this is not his only nor first achievement. His photograph “Sarajevo Starry Night” was selected from several thousand received photos this year and included in the Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2021 Exhibition.

“Holes on a building, from shrapnel, grenades, and bullets are the leftovers of the Sarajevo siege 1992-1996 that reminds me of a starry sky under which there was a little house from a kid’s playground symbolizing the peaceful homes of families in Sarajevo who survived the siege. A pigeon flying into the frame is fitting perfectly in a composition showing the spirit of those citizens that was never broken “, said Abdullah.

Exhibition link: https://shutterhub.org.uk/exhibition-yearbook-2021/#images-96

Abdullah says he enrolled in this faculty primarily because of the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, and the infrastructure that International Burch University has. This allows students to gain the necessary knowledge in the best way and with the most modern equipment. During his first year of studies, Abdullah completely fell in love with photography thanks to professor Emir Klepo, who simply enchanted him with his knowledge and desire for students to achieve the best and not be satisfied by only passing the subject but truly understanding it and learning. This was the first contact Abdullah had with photography and the camera in a more serious, professional sense. But soon he started focusing on photography and video as a professional career.

“I would like to express my great gratitude and respect to my professor Emir Klepo for revealing to me the phenomenal world of photography. All this has been achieved thanks to his dedicated work and the effort he has invested in our education. It was not easy for us, students, since we had to be above our level to please the standards and complete the assignments. All this helped us shape well, which is why we can boast of these successes after only one year of study.

Big thanks to International Burch University who provided us with professional lecturers and an amazing infrastructure for the department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, video and photo studio which are certainly the best in the region and further,” points out Abdullah.

He participated in many other workshops and projects and is always happy to represent Burch university in the best way.

Courses and workshops:

 – KUMA international workshop “Re-memory” with the great photojournalist Enrico Dagnino”
– VII Academy webinars on different topics related to photography

–  WARM ACADEMY 2021 under the topic “How to tell a story” in a collaboration with VII Academy

– BTS photographer and assistant in making the IBU video commercial „Start-Up Your Passion “.
– BTS photographer and assistant in the making of a documentary film at IBU.
– BTS photographer assistant in making the commercial for Bioptimizer supplement company which products are tested and analysed at IBU department of Genetics and bioengineering.