About Faculty of Education and Humanities - International Burch University

About Faculty of Education and Humanities


Faculty of Education and Humanities contributes to the continuing expansion of world knowledge in the field of education by developing successful approaches and by researching and applying all necessary methods for their application to the benefit of teachers today and in the future.


Faculty of Education and Humanities is committed to providing support and benefits to the teachers of today and of the future. Our efforts are directed towards the advancement of education with a central focus on teaching and learning. Our development of teaching and learning is based on a sound understanding of basic teaching concepts, the desire to motivate learners and the application of appropriate and effective methods using suitable resources. Our approach to high quality teaching and research involves interdisciplinarity and scientific observation practices in order to rise to the educational challenges that we face. We support the professional and personal development of all our students and staff through skilled application of educational principles.


Faculty of Education and Humanities has the strongest possible commitment to developing the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. Our efforts have a dual purpose, with individual self-development leading ultimately to continuing social development.

We believe a focus on overall cognitive, physical, psychological and social development will produce contented and productive individuals, which in turn will lead to a healthy and developed society.

We aim to produce lasting social and personal benefits in the form of self-confident, aware students who are ready for their professional responsibilities and who will continue learning in the future with a critical and positive approach.