About SQA


About us

Office for Standardization and Quality Assurance insures that the University meets standards and criteria determined by the BiH Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance and relevant state institutions. It establishes the system through various procedures, policies, guidelines and rulebooks that enable continuous development and maintain high standards of academic excellence. Quality Office works closely with the University staff to prepare the University for the upcoming process of Accreditation. The Quality Assurance system aims to determine whether the University’s services meet or exceed the customer expectations.

The University’s Quality Assurance manager ensures quality is pursued at all levels of the University. His role is to:

  • Interpret and implement quality assurance standards
  • Report follow-up procedures periodically
  • Review quality assurance standards, policies and procedures
  • Interview personnel and students to evaluate effectiveness of quality assurance program
  • Write quality assurance policies and procedures
  • We make every effort to apply the same criteria of excellence not only to quality assurance but to all our other activities. We strive to learn from best practice and our benchmarks for quality assurance are those of the leading research universities around the world.