Dodiplomski studij na odsjeku za elektrotehniku

Be a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Listen to people when they tell you WHAT to think, but you’d better learn HOW to think

EEE department is dynamic, interdisciplinary, ethic, enterprising, and engrossing. Moreover, it is open to original concepts, environmentalist, active in social points, respectful to human dignity, and high quality in science.



The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department offers a three years Bachelor Degree. The first year of the program is dedicated to the study of basic sciences and mathematics which provide the student with engineering fundamentals.

Program is designed firstly to provide students with hands-on laboratory practice using state-of-the art equipment. In addition, since the ability to design is an important part of electrical and electronics engineering, students are presented with challenging design problems in several courses.

The requirements for a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering include the completion of minimum of 180 ECTS credits of formal course work and 30 days of approved practical training. A student then earns Diploma Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Akademska titula i stručno zvanje Bakalaureat/Bachelor - Inžinjer elektrotehnike).

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program_ENG

Electrical and electronics engineering degree gives you the right skills to get in the field of electrical engineering and be a part of the tech wave


Students have the opportunity to do one part
of their Senior Design Projects in the following companies: