Dodiplomski studij na odsjeku za genetiku i bioinzenjering


Be a Bachelor in Genetics and Bioengineering

“Nothing in Life is to be Feared, it is only to be Understood.” ― Maria Curie

At the GBE BSc program through the integration of fundamental knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, calculus and programming, students develop a deeper understanding of how all the manmade boundaries between different sciences merge together to enable us to understand how life functions at a molecular level, and to enable us to use that knowledge to advance science even further.



The BSc program of the GBE Department lasts for 4 years (240 ECTS) where students gain fundamental knowledge in both fields of genetics and bioengineering. It integrates fundamental knowledge gained through the first year of study with career-oriented courses.

This together with the elective courses offered within the program enables the student to explore the field that interests them the most. The program offers high quality laboratory courses which aid the student in mastering different laboratory techniques in well equipped laboratories and enables them to immediately upon completion of the program continue work in different fields of genetics and bioengineering. High quality bioengineering courses will enable the students to explore topics from an engineering perspective and get a deeper insight into the topics.

After the completion of the Undergraduate Program, the student will gain the title - Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Bioengineering.

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


How We Help Students Achieve Their Research Goals:

  • By holding weekly meetings where students can present their ideas, their continuing research, and their work so far for encouragement and constructive criticism.

  • By providing advice and assistance during the research process

  • By focusing on research methods for microbiology as well as effective writing and publishing

  • We have 3 active student clubs lead by students together with their professors.

    Microbiology Research Club
    Bioengineering Research Club
    Oikos Club

    BURCHGENE Magazine

    Science magazine

    Burch Gene Magazine is one of the trademarks of Burch Genetics and Bioengineering students, a pilot project which started in 2016 and grew into a traditional activity in which our students participate through writing, editing and designing the entire magazine, with support of our professors who serve as their mentors and advisors. It is the only magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina which deals with topics of genetics and related fields of biological research. It currently counts 7 issues with a new one expected every semester.