Doktorski studij na odsjeku za elektrotehniku


Be a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

We offer you the opportunity to choose which field suits you the most

In the global industry, there is a strong demand for Electrical and Electronics Engineers from lecturers or researchers for universities or research centers, to research, design, development, testing, and many more.


Pursuing a PHD would certainly give you great credentials

If you are really passionate about the technical side of electrical engineering and you believe you have a strong aptitude for the theoretical side of engineering by all means go for a PhD.


Electrical and Electronics engineering PhD program is based on three years Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program with 180 ECTS credits. A first-year program is dedicated to the study of advanced engineering courses of Electrical and Electronics engineering.

The requirements for a PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering include the completion of minimum of 180 ECTS credits of formal course work and PhD dissertation.

Curriculum of the PhD Program_ENG


We offer you a variety of Professional Courses

The topics covered in Electrical and Electronics engineering course include:

  • Development used by electric utilities, lighting, and wiring in buildings

  • Role of electrical technology in global society

  • Development of consumer products, electronic components, microchips, computers and robots

  • Fundamentals of artificial intelligence, signal processing, microwave, etc.


    Become a reseacher.
    Become an academic.

    Pursue an academic career and use the opportunity to achieve your personal and professional goals in industrial, scientific and research laboratories.

    Our great students
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    Harun Šiljak

    Research fellow at CONNECT Centre: Trinity College Dublin