Odsjek za digitalne komunikacije i odnose sa javnošću

Digitalne komunikacije i odnosi sa javnošću

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In the 21st century, digital communication is interwoven through the lives of people from basic everyday interactions, to complex global strategies that, encoded in digital signals, form more efficient and faster systems of action.In the business world, therefore, the understanding and proper use of digital communication resources in its various forms often represents a line that separates successful from unsuccessful projects, organizations and companies. In addition, digital communication has become a key aspect of public relations, which today is an indispensable activity of all private and public organizations in their day-to-day business.

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Dodiplomski program

In order to complete your undergraduate studies, you will have to complete four years, that is, eight semesters in total, and get a minimum of 240 credits, more commonly known as ECTS. Credits are transferable within the European Education area and compatible to the equivalent programs of English in USA, Australia and Asia.

The study curriculum consists of a total of 80 courses, 32 of which are compulsory and 48 are elective. Each course consists of 30 hours of classes, 15 hours of exercises, and holds 4, 5 or 6 ECTS credits. The final project is done after passing the exam, i.e. during the eighth semester and holds 6 ECTS credits.

The curriculum is focused on the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of digital communications and relationships, through a historical presentation of development, theory, definition, and analysis of concrete and important areas from practice.

Through the lectures, exercises, group work, seminar papers and presentations, students will be encouraged to self-study, use critical thinking and analysis.

The curriculim for 2019-2020 academic year: BOSNIAN | ENGLISH


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Bachelor's program in Digital Communications and Public Relations prepares students for managerial roles in organizational communications by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to create content, implement effective communication and reputation strategies for various organized forms of business.