Poruka dekana fakulteta za inženjering i prirodne nauke


Poruka dekana

Dragi studenti,

At the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences we recognise that the power of engineering changes the world every day. Engineering profession has become the main engine of the economic growth and technological development in each country.

Since its establishment in 2008, The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sconces has been moving towards reaching its goals, excellence in education and research, relaying on highly professional academic staff, modern infrastructure and recognised study programmes.

The Faculty offers undergraduate programmes in following disciplines at all three study cycles; Electrical engineering, Information Technology, Architecture, Genetics and Bioengineering. Study programme in Civil engineering is offered on BSc level.

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to innovative education, research and dissemination of knowledge. In all our programmes, we take pride in providing our students with strong theoretical foundation, technical courses, interdisciplinary coursework, design projects, and opportunities to work and to collaborate with industry sector representatives.

We encourage critical thinking in our graduates to recognize societal needs; create innovative, sustainable engineering solutions; embrace an international perspective clearly visible through participation in European projects, and create value through entrepreneurial efforts.

I would like to take opportunity to emphasize that our main goal is student success, it is at the heart of our mission. It is our privilege to teach, mentor and accompany them on their road in becoming engineers of the future.

Sincerely yours,

Vanr. prof. dr. Jasmin Kevrić