Ured za standardizaciju i osiguranje kvalitete


Ured za standardizaciju
i osiguranje kvaliteta



Welcome to the International Burch University Office for Standardization and Quality Assurance website. The aim of the site is to provide an introduction to the University Quality Office (UQO), including who we are and what our role is.

Quality assurance is both a mind – set and a set of practical activities. It is a mission that requires a change of culture and everyone’s attention, support and involvement (students, faculty and administrative staff).

The overarching assignment of the quality assurance office is seeking the highest quality assurance practices in education, research, and administration through the maximum investment and usage of the university capabilities and assets and through the active participation of all the university employees to meet the community and the market needs.

Menadžer za upravljanje kvalitetom

Ajdin Mekić

Telefon: +387 33 944 443


Ured za standardizaciju i osiguranje kvaliteta

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