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BURCH Joint Degree – Diploma with Three Seals from the Three Universities

It is a very sound combination of the word “Joint Degree”, a program at the Department for International Relations and European Studies, which is of particular importance when talking about European integrations but also with scientists coming from the EU area who will teach the students of the International Burch University. First and foremost, we were personally interested in the first impressions of students and guest lecturers from the EU, and we convey what they discovered to us.

“I must admit that as the head of my institution, the University of Pula, I am very proud that we have started with the program and that it enters into its operational phase with the first year of students. After my first lecture I held in this studio I really am fascinated not only by colleagues, organization, and infrastructure but also with the quality of students themselves. Honestly, though the first year of college students, they are very active, communicative, ready and motivated students, and I am not a person who only teaches in Pula; there are Austria, Valencia, Madrid, Warsaw … so I’ve been through the world and I’ve been teaching in 30 EU institutions and 10 institutions around the world and I can really say that Burch has fantastic students where you see a quality work in terms of selection of good students and I think that after graduation, these students will have a very good career. This study program already shows its results now, and I am sure that colleagues from Austria will contribute to the quality of the program and its development in the future”, said Prof. Dean Sinković.

When asked about the weight and quality of the “Joint Degree” diploma, we got the following answer: “One diploma, with the signature of three Rectors from the three Universities, will have a lot of weight. The joint study is the future and the present. There will be more and more emphasis on such joint studies because each institution has its own professors that are of the highest quality and with the help of joint studies the best quality is gathered, and a program is then formed that then only includes the best. This is the first advantage of the “joint degree” program, the quality of the teaching staff, the quality of the lectures and everything else. Another major advantage is that the diploma will have the seal and signature of EU institutions. This diploma will help students greatly if they want to have a career abroad one day. Although I would like students to leave their knowledge in B&H and build this country in the way it deserves. I think that the seal of the Burch institution itself is extremely important and I can say that it is one of the highest quality institutions I have seen. Not just the infrastructure, but from the Rector to the staff, the system is exactly visible. It already has its competitive advantage, and with two other European institutions it gives the extra weight of the diploma.”

What the advantages of the “Joint Degree” program are seen by students said Lejla Dautbašić, IBU’s first year student of International Relations and European Studies: “When I enrolled at Burch I did not know about a joint program, which was a surprise to me because I think this is one of the reasons why young people enroll this University. I personally think it is good that foreign lecturers come to lectures, first because of the change, and second because of the variety of experiences. While the curriculum subjects practical work and international experience are passed on to us by foreign lecturers, and this is of paramount importance for personal development.”

“There was a lot of talk about the beginning of our joint program that began in October, but this was the first event where classroom students can directly experience the wealth of knowledge and experience of professors from partner universities. This week we have a prof. Sinkovic who has already given such experience to the students in the field of macroeconomics”, emphasized Assist. Prof. Dr. Adis Maksić, Head of the Department for International Relations and European Studies at the International Burch University.

The International Burch University is continually working to improve the quality of its curricula and the launch of joint studies will greatly contribute to the development of the University. As part of the “Joint Degree” program, we have already announced the guest of other professors, among which we point out the world name in macroeconomics, prof. Dr. Marinko Škare, one of the best economists in Croatia.