BURCH visited by Professors from Brno Technical University - International Burch University
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October 23, 2018
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October 25, 2018

BURCH visited by Professors from Brno Technical University

With the professors from the Brno Technical University who came within project of the knowledge exchange supported by Czech Development Agency in BIH and National High Education Agency in Czech to the International BURCH University, two of our department’s staff and students, Department of Architecture and the Department of Civil Engineering, have had a chance to listen to the lectures and develop constructive discussion throughout those visit. Discussions with students were proactive, tailor-made and were full of examples and used props to demonstrate practically what was talked about.

Besides that aspect of a practical work, our students, along with both, visiting professors from Brno, and BURCH professors have had a chance to work once again on the Student Pavilion, which is made as an experimental student project.

Developed discussion also was used as a platform for new ideas for the extension of this fruitful collaboration, brought up ideas for new projects, but have also planned to include Student Pavilion as a unique project that offers students a chance for practical scientific work on it and uses it afterward.