BurchGene Magazine 8th Edition - International Burch University
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April 7, 2021
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April 15, 2021

BurchGene Magazine 8th Edition

The GBE department proudly held the 8th BurchGene magazine promotion over the online Zoom platform. In this event, around 37 people were present, and many of the students participated in this event as well as the professors. 

The show was opened by Dado Latinović and Hannah A. Boone, 3rd-year students that were one of the organizers of this event. From the professors, Assist. Prof. Monia Avdić gave an inspirational speech to all of the students and she gave many positive comments regarding this magazine.  Assist. Prof. Adna Ašić gave a speech as well, where she embraced the professionalism of all the students and how everything was properly done and how everything followed all the deadlines perfectly. 

One of former editors and leaders of the BurchGene magazine Nermin Đuzić gave a speech of how proud he was to have all students participate and how the tradition is continued and is passed on to future student generations to keep on doing professional researching and writing. 

At the event, a special guest gave a speech to all students and embraced them to continue to research and write because the work that they are doing now can make a bigger change in their future. Dr. Ljiljana Đukanović made an appearance and thanked the students for inviting her to participate in this issue of the BurchGene magazine. She invited all the students to participate in the event 12th Days in BHAAAS, there shall be a scientific symposium held in Mostar in June. 

Guests at the event had the chance to learn more about all the articles, and they learned a bit more from all the students that presented their articles that they wrote about, and through a small game where there were several questions about each article. Students who participated were:

  • 1st year – Amina Radončić
  • 2nd year – Amar Mujkić, Aida Ombašić and Camile Balkas
  • 3rd year – Hasnija Bajrektarević

Students from all three years participated in writing different articles, and there were special lectoring, editing, and designing teams that were finalizing the entire magazine. Everything was done by GBE students, and professors and assistants were the ones that helped to review each article so that it would be ready for readers.

BurchGene Magazine 8th Edition