Career and Coffee with Prof. Gor?in Dizdar - International Burch University
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November 6, 2018
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January 9, 2019

Career and Coffee with Prof. Gor?in Dizdar

Continuing the tradition of organizing Career and Coffee sessions, this week, on November 13, the Linguistics Club invited one of our professors, Mr Gorčin Dizdar to talk with us about his academic experience, both as a student and now a professor. In a classroom full of students eager to hear his story, Professor Dizdar guided us through his years at Oxford, the decisions and steps that led him to that opportunity, all the way to his studies in Canada, at the University of York. Revealing the reasons he traveled his academic road that way, Professor also told us about his interdisciplinary endeavor in his postgraduate studies in the field of humanities, suggesting that our era and environment often require such a multilayered approach. The students then asked him questions, seeking and receiving valuable advice about their future academic and career steps.