Career talk with Tihana Puzić: Internship opportunity for ELL students at Profis agency - International Burch University
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December 29, 2021
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January 1, 2022

Career talk with Tihana Puzić: Internship opportunity for ELL students at Profis agency

On the 28th of December 2021, Department of English Language and Literature hosted Professor Tihana Puzić as a guest lecture and career talk for ELL students. Prof. Puzić is a long-standing and certified court interpreter for English and German language, along with being the founder of the only translation agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina which operates based on ISO international standards, Profis. During her lecture, she recalled her journey from a small-town student to a professional translator and interpreter, giving our students advice on how they can make it big in this world. She mentioned her brief work as a professor at the First Gymnasium Sarajevo, along with her work as a secretary in a German international organization. One anecdote she shared was that of her first job experience. “Never lie on your CV. I did and it was not a nice sight,” said prof. Puzić to our students with a laugh and spoke about learning from her mistakes. Her first task as an oral interpreter did not go as planned, but she came out of it with a valuable lesson and she continued to learn and listen, improving her skills every day. It is this situation that sparked her interest and desire to become a court interpreter, something that she is forever grateful for.

“This presentation didn’t just teach me about the field of translation. It also taught me how to approach my field in practical and ingenious ways. I feel more confident with the applications of my skills, but more importantly, I am ready to branch out into new fields and possibilities. I am glad I got the chance to listen to Prof. Tihana and learn something from her” said Uma Hamzić, the valedictorian of the fourth year in the English Language and Literature department.

Translation Agency Profis was started in 2006 and while still counting a small team, it holds itself as one of the giants in the industry. Prof. Puzić’s determination and strive for her goals led her to improve on the agency as every day passed, and it became one of the first and only agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has the ISO standard certification. “No translated documents go out without being proofread. It is all about quality.” Prof. Puzić commented, stating one of the main norms of the ISO standard.

Profis and International Burch University have recently signed an agreement regarding internships for students. Profis has already taken in their first intern from the ELL department, a fourth-year student Hana Škarić, and they are patiently waiting for more.

“I couldn’t be more thankful for getting the opportunity to work and learn in this kind of a professional and interesting environment such as Profis. Translating has always been something that I was greatly interested in and what I wanted to do in the future, and the fact that I got a chance to experience what it is like being a translator first-hand is amazing,” said Hana Škarić.

“I really enjoyed this presentation because she definitely motivated me to work more on myself, and use all the possibilities around me, which are many. This was very eye-opening because people like her definitely set a good example of how to be successful, and she taught us not to be afraid of trying new things and to always work on improving ourselves,” said Nedima Krndžija, a fourth-year student in the ELL Department, patiently waiting for her turn as an intern at Profis.

The lecture ended with students’ questions with a welcoming note from Prof. Puzić, who expressed her wishes for a long-lasting partnership and collaboration between the two institutions.