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Welcome Message

Here, at the Department of Architecture we challenge future architects in developing critical thinking, through extensive one-on-one communication with dedicated staff in formal reviews and informal interactions. The studio experience, at the core of our program, focuses on the intense exploration of the creative process, linking it with the challenging approaches to design theory, in the context of new technologies that direct the future of our professional field.

Programs of Study

Undergraduate Program

Curriculum of the first cycle architecture is realized in the course of three years and carries 180 ECTS credits. Program provides professional education of students which is directly associated with the methods of the curriculum, mandatory and optional professional program during the undergraduate study. As a basis for developing a comprehensive approach to architectural design, undergraduate program provides basic knowledge about design, visualization, technology, urbanism, history and theory of architecture, science, etc.

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program 2019/20 can be found HERE

Master program

Look here for our complete list of electives
NOTE: International Burch University – Department of Architecture offers also a Master in Architectural Design without Thesis - II. CYCLE (MASTER) (4 + 1)

PhD Program

An upgrade of the first and second cycle studies provided a program of the third cycle studies - doctoral (PhD) studies which takes three years and carries 180 ECTS credits. Doctoral study is a unique combination of expertise, with an analytical understanding of historical and modern key phase in the history of architecture. The most important requirement of the doctoral program is clearly defined doctoral theses, specific research methods, solving ability and a successful result will be a professional and scientific contribution. Doctoral study is a contribution to the technological, social and cultural progress society based on knowledge.

After the completion of the PhD Program, student will gain title - Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture.

Curriculum of the PhD Program can be found HERE.

Internship Program

Senior Design Project

Master's thesis proposal

Thesis Proposal

Every mentor proposed three topics from which you should pick one that suits you best.

Contact the professor after you select the topic.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nejdet Dogru, Master Thesis Topics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nermina Durmić, Master Thesis Topics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Saida Sultanić, Master Thesis Topics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Samed Jukić, Master Thesis Topics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zerina Mašetić, Master Thesis Topics

Future Students

We aim at preparing students for a world shaped by globalization, by educating them in a highly innovative and positive environment for design education.