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July 21, 2021
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July 21, 2021

Folio: The AR’s collaged cover

Folio: The AR’s collaged cover

For the cover of the July/August 2021 issue on Collage + New into Old, the AR editorial team tear up their previous creation to create something new

The Collage + New into Old issue front cover, collaged together from the previous issue

This month, the AR editorial team all took to tearing up the Waste issue (AR June 2021) in loving destruction of our most recent creation. The front cover, by Lili Zarzycki, re-assembles parts of this issue’s aptly themed predecessor with paint and tape. 

A collage made up of AR headlines from the Waste issue

Our understanding of collage in this issue extends to the written form, where words and sentences can become the building blocks of new texts and ideas. Inside the magazine, Emily Post makes waste of headlines from the Waste issue, finding new meanings in old words in her assemblage. 

Two seagulls carry the letters a and r, referencing the AR's monograms

As is always the case at the AR, themes and imagery re-surface to riff off our past and continue old conversations; the monogram on this issue’s back cover was designed in reference to historical AR covers – and poached by gulls broken loose.


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