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January 13, 2022
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GBE Student Collective organized three big events in the previous year

Student club Genetics and Bioengineering Student Collective (GBE SC) organized three separate events in the previous year that involved not only students outside the Genetics and Bioengineering department but also students outside International Burch University. The club wanted to expand these events even more and to be as active as possible for all IBU students and people outside IBU that want to collaborate.

Shades of Science

The first event was a scientific three-day conference „Shades of Science“which was organized by the 3rd year GBE Student Asja Muharemović.

“Shades of Science” webinar was held online from 20th to 22nd October 2021. “Shades of Science” held several exciting topics related to students from natural, science and technical universities. Students had the chance to present their work but also listen to other scientists. Topics related to health, medicine, pharmacy, genetics, chemistry, biology, ecology, bioengineering, veterinary medicine, and physics were presented and discussed.

“Shades of Science” had a total of 188 interested individuals/scientists and was organized with the support of Dr. Ljiljana Đukanović and  BHAAAS. The participants of “Shades of Science”  included IBU professors: Lejla Gurbeta Pokvić, Elnur Tahirović, and Amina Kozarić), IBU students, organizations (“EVA”), and many other honorable professors, doctors, and individuals in various scientific fields (Dipl. Farm. Spec. Kozmetologije – Marijana Milosavljević, Dr. med. Sci Damir Sabitović, Dr. Sc. Amina Hrković – Porobija, Dr. Ljiljana Đukanović i Ismar Volić (BHAAAS), Dr. Konny N. Lajhner, Rupert Wolfe Murray).

Midterm Oasis

During the midterm examination in November, Hannah A. Boone and the GBE SC held a Midterm Oasis event.

Midterm Oasis was imagined as a place where students can come to relax before, in-between, or after their exams during the midterm exam period. All IBU students were invited. This event was supported by the Balkan-American Wellness Association (BAWA). The purpose of this event was to help students find a place to talk, have some food, draw and do some activities that are unrelated to studying. Former GBE Student Collective Co-Founder Hannah A. Boone was present to help with the organization of this project and to collaborate with all students.

Holiday Event

The GBE SC with the help of BAWA organized a holiday event at IBU on the 16th of December 2021. The event took place in the Motif room from 10 AM to 3 PM, exclusively for GBE students.The activities involved were secret Santa and collaboration with the IBU Care club to donate and bring joy to a child with our Holiday Gift Donations.

The purpose of this event was to enjoy the holiday season and to try and show all students that enjoying time together and preparing some festive events is important.

 „The ultimate goal of these events is to include more students as a collective and to have a more positive approach towards people and important activities in our lives“, said representatives of GBE Student Collective.

Stay tuned for more information, events, and promotions. The next bigger event will be the promotion of the 9th Edition of the Burch Gene Magazine.