GBE students participated in “12th annual Days of BHAAAS” conference - International Burch University
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GBE students participated in “12th annual Days of BHAAAS” conference

Students from Genetics and Bioengineering Department participated in “12th annual Days of BHAAAS ” conference held from 25th to 28th June in Mostar, organised by Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Our students Nermin Đuzić, Adna Sijerčić, Dženan Kovačić, Dado Latinović, Aldijana Čaušević and Nejra Bektaš took part in the different symposiums presenting their thesis and proposals and competing with other Master and Ph.D. students.

Nermin Đuzić and Nejra Bektaš competed for the best presentation of Master or Ph.D. thesis on Symposium of postgraduate research in Biology and Chemistry. Nermin Đuzić won the second place with his presentation on topic „The effects of genetic thrombophilia testing on anticoagulation therapy prescription: experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina “.

Nermin Đuzić

„I am very happy that I and my colleagues finally got an opportunity to participate in the live scientific event after a long period of online events and conferences due to COVID19 pandemics. I am very proud that I had the opportunity to present my Master Thesis as an IBU representative and win 2nd place for the best presentation on the Symposium of Postgraduate research in Biology and Chemistry. It says a lot about the quality of scientific research at the GBE department at our university. I am looking forward to attending more events like this and developing my research and presentation skills, “said Nermin.

Nejra Bektaš presented the results of her master thesis: “Antibacterial, anti-biofilm and antioxidative activity of cumin and fennel essential oils”. 

Adna Sijerčić took part in the “International Symposium in Primary Health Care” event and gave a presentation about her Ph.D. thesis project proposal “Use of smart devices and technology for detection of atrial fibrillation in Canton Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Adna Sijerčić

“I am pleased that the value of our research was recognized and endorsed by the doctors who attended this symposium, both live and online, from all around the world. During the symposium, Mostar and BiH were the center of science in Europe. I am grateful for these incredible opportunities and the time I have spent with amazing scientists and faculty colleagues!” said Adna.

Dženan Kovačić took part in sympsium „COVID-19 research across disciplines“ and presented his work on topic „A Possible Role of Molecular Mimicry in SARS-CoV-2 Mediated Autoimmunity“.