Genetics and Bioengineering Online Course Series at Burch - International Burch University
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September 25, 2020
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Genetics and Bioengineering Online Course Series at Burch

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COVID19 pandemics has changed almost everything nowadays, including the education system as well. However, our university has responded to it in the best possible way, being among the first universities in our country to adapt to distance learning and online education. Therefore, we did not allow corona-virus to stop education.

Last week, our students and professors from the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering
organized three-day-long Genetics and Bioengineering Online Course Series. The event was
primarily organized for students from the Association of Biologists in B&H as a part of the
collaboration between the aforementioned Department and Association.
Within the online course session, students were able to learn more about cancer genetics,
bacterial communication, scientific misconduct, behavioral genetics, intelligent systems, and
much more. They had the opportunity to listen to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, Assoc.
Prof. Dr. Amina Kurtović-Kozarić, assistant professors Monia Avdić, Adna Ašić, Larisa Bešić
, and Lejla Gurbeta-Pokvić. Professors Adna and Larisa stated that:

“The event was very exciting for all participants. We
enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experience with students from other faculties and
demonstrating our model of online teaching. Such networking opportunities are always useful, especially for our students at the GBE Department, since they can meet colleagues from related fields of study. After organizing two events this year, we both believe that our Department will be recognized as modern and open to cooperation in the future as well. We would especially like to emphasize how proud we are of our students at all three study cycles, who carried out the greatest burden of organization, participated in all program activities, and were always available to solve all problems that we encountered.”

Great enthusiasm and excitement was also shared by the GBE students: Dado Latinović, Ajla
Džanko, and Hannah Boone, who contributed a lot to the organization and management of the whole event.

“We enjoyed the event as we had a great environment set up to listen to illuminating and riveting lectures from both our erudite professors and our fascinating colleagues. The event allowed each student to garner valuable information on various topics. We believe it was good entertainment for everyone and that the whole program could come as an inspiration for people to make science a bit more interesting. We welcome future opportunities to collaborate with students from our university and other universities, as these events are worthwhile because of the students.”

Finally, the president of the Association of Biology Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monika Šafhauzer also expressed her gratitude and happiness about the event stating that:

“It is a great honor and privilege to be a part of the online course series hosted by students from International Burch University. The way they maintained and realized everything was a great inspiration. During the lectures and quizzes as well as the workshops, our students, in addition to having the opportunity to learn something new through outstanding lectures by professors, also managed to connect with other students in their field of interest. This experience helps all of us to create a network of acquaintances in the scientific world and to contribute through joint research and development in the field of biology. Our students, from freshmen to master students, were delighted and expressed a desire for more events of this type in the future, and we hope that this will be one of many inspirations for the beginning of their scientific research work as well as connecting with other students across Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

We congratulate our professors and students from the GBE department and we are very proud of all work they do together to make our University more recognizable and valuable. We are looking forward to hosting more events like this one in the future. Also, big thanks go to the Association of Biology Students in B&H, and we are more than happy to collaborate with them.