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Global MBA

Our MBA program will prepare you for a career in business development and management by equipping you with a systematic and integrated understanding of global business. You will cover subjects such as Fintech, Wealth Management, International Real Estate, Global Strategy, International Marketing, Sustainability, International Entrepreneurship as well as other market-driven programs.

By attending this program, you will benefit from an innovative teaching and learning approach which consists of a mixture of independent studies, tutorials, workshops, discussions, practice research and case studies.

Becoming a student at IBU means joining a global community of successful entrepreneurs propelling lifelong learning and career support alongside peers, faculty and staff who will both challenge you and cheer you on as you accelerate your international career.

Academic Programs:
Master in Business Administration: a one-year, full-time MBA program with a general management curriculum focused on market-driven business practice.

整个课程阶段,学生都将获得相关指导,并有体系化评估机制确保学业的进展 ;将对学生表现和满意度进行监督,以确保该课程能够满足学术和个人发展的 需要;将有相关行业知名客座讲师授课,确定课程与就业需求有所关联,能够 促进将来职业发展。


工商管理学硕士(MBA)- 学制一年,全日制项目,聚焦应用型管理课程。

Fidelity Education Services Limited - Our Program Partner, dedicated to international students from Asia Pacific Region.