Graduation Ceremony Class of 2015 Held - International Burch University

Graduation Ceremony Class of 2015 Held

Graduation Ceremony Class of 2015 was held on Saturday, 13th of June at the University campus, starting from 06:30pm. The Ceremony was attended by over 1000 guests from the academic community of Burch University, students and their famillies, and honor guests.

Burch University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu in his addressing said: “We want to thank all the parents who gave us their priceless jewels, their sons and daughters, and allow us to tailor their future and prepare them for life. Work is not yet finished, but continues. Therefore, we ask that you continue to support and believe in us. Our esteemed graduates, today you have completed one stage in your life. However, the completion of one stage means the beginning of a new one. We hope that you know that Burch University will continue to aid and support your future careers.“

A motivational commencment speech was held by last years best student Ms. Sumeja Softić after which a Harvard Alumni working at Burch Mr. Malcolm Duerod emotionally compared Burch University with his former home:”After being in the country for six years, I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the campus of Burch in October.  It brought up a distant memory of when I was on the Harvard campus in Boston 18 yrs ago.  The feeling was one of safety, belonging, of strength, and style, and openness. Here at Burch, as at Harvard, the start of every academic year is filled with a lot of activity in the first weeks.  The buzz of students and professors gathering together in clubs, teams, departments and faculties, setting goals for the year to come. You all put worked hard to make those plans and dreams come to reality.”

The most expected moment of the ceremony was presentation of graduates which started with all master and PhD students plaquette awarding, and was continued with all seven departments bachelor studies graduates presentation on the stage and awarding of plaquettes by the Heads of Departments.

International Burch University also announced best students according to departments and faculties, as well as presenting the title of the Student of the Generation 2013/2014– Lejla Bandić, Deparment of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.