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July 23, 2021
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Here’s how your favourite websites would have looked in the 90s

Perhaps it’s something to do with the 18 months we’ve all had, but it seems nostalgia is the order of the day right now. We’ve seen all manner of retro comebacks in the tech and design worlds lately – and this might be the most delightful yet. 90s web design will never not be charming, so it was only a matter of time before someone rendered some of today’s most popular websites in a vintage (read: pixelated) style. If you’re looking for some more contemporary inspiration, check out our favourite website templates.

Website builder Zyro has envisioned Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and more as 90s websites, and the result is a nostalgic treat. Repeating pattern backgrounds? Check. An obscene amount of windows? Check. A ridiculous amount of animated gifs? Oh yes.

One of our favourite examples has to be Spotify (below). Complete with psychedelic background, the grungey interface is a far cry from the sleek, clean interfaces of today – and is giving us no shortage of Winamp vibes.

The Zyro team has even imagined each website or app as a 90s-style floppy disk, complete with outrageously realistic artwork. The nostalgia here is too much. Too much! 

From this virtual iPod on your iPhone to that iOS 4 recreation, it’s clear that the internet is yearning for simpler times right now. And if we’re honest, we’re not surprised. If you’re inspired to create a web design of your own, check out the best web design tools available right now.


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