IBU and SoGal Foundation work together on creating a Startup community in Bosnia and Herzegovina - International Burch University
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IRES students visited Belgrade on a study trip
October 13, 2020
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October 23, 2020

IBU and SoGal Foundation work together on creating a Startup community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The SoGal Foundation is the largest global nonprofit platform for diverse entrepreneurs and investors. Its mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship by providing educational resources and community to our global network of 100K+ diverse professionals. Moreover, it hosts a ton of events in the 40+ global chapters across 5 continents. Its recent LA Influencer Summit had 30+ prominent social media influencers and founders with 500K+ social media followings and an audience of 150+ attendees.

International Burch University and SOGAL, aiming to promote diversity and inclusion in business through their partnership, organized the second event. The event was organized by Prof. Dr. Malcolm Duerod, the manager of IBU incubator, and Erna Šošević, Founder and CEO of Bizbook d.o.o. and Chapter Lead for SoGal Foundation in Sarajevo on “Innovation Mindset – How do you acquire it?”.

The innovation mindset is a bit different from an entrepreneurial mindset or being an
entrepreneur. There is an overlap in different areas of design thinking, and a deep focus is put
on solving problems and developing solutions from new combinations of technology, service,
and other factors. The entrepreneurs are adopted by companies, as they bring diversity into
entrepreneurship. They are creating new ways to face challenges through the innovative
approach. The event was moderated by Prof. Duerod, while the main speaker of this event was Sandra Nešić, who is a Lead Business Designer & Innovation Manager at ICT Hub, Belgrade. Ms. Nešić shared her opinion about the importance of an innovation mindset relating it to her own experience. Ms.Šošević, as an interlocutor in front of the SoGal, shared her experience of being the founder of the Bizbook startup and going through the process of developing the idea. This event was a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of the innovation mindset, the ways to acquire it, and learn how to convert the innovation mindset into a successful business idea.