IBU professors as guest lecturers at the 54th Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering (VDE|DGBMT) - International Burch University
U Historijskom muzeju prezentiran projekat studenata sa Odsjeka za arhitekturu, Internacionalnog Burch Univerziteta
September 22, 2020
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IBU student Nejra Gurbeta became EU young ambassador
September 24, 2020

IBU professors as guest lecturers at the 54th Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering (VDE|DGBMT)

The conference is organized by the German Society for Biomedical Engineering
(DGBMT) within VDE
and the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery of the
University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Personalized Medicine and Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
will be the main conference topics with a focus on the pandemic situation in context with the
BMT society. Furthermore, the topics of the canceled Active Assisted Living (AAL)
Congress are going to be integrated into the BMT Congress. Parallel tracks on all topics
of bio-medical technology will be organized closely together with the DGBMT
professional committees as to show key technologies, scientific movements and new
innovation fields aiming to strengthen the clinical input with leading physicians
accompanying the tracks and giving keynotes. This conference is supported by many leading clinicians of the University Hospital Leipzig still committed to join and cochair sessions and present their clinical work as invited speakers. The integration of several clinical societies (e.g. DGU, DGHNO, DGMP, DGEBV, EAMBES) and the medical technology industry will further enrich the program. The promotion of young talents is also of great importance to all participants and will receive its attention within the framework of the virtual program of the BMT’s YoungNet.

This year, two of our professors are invited to give a lecture and take a part in this
event. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badnjević will give a lesson on the topic “Medical Device
Regulations, Standards, Accreditation, Certification” and Assist. Prof. Dr. Gurbeta will
address the participants by giving a lecture on “Prediction of medical device failures using machine learning algorithms”. Aside from being a lecturer, Professor Badnjević
will also moderate the session.

Medical devices are a highly complex system whose regular maintenance is mandatory in order to ensure proper functioning. Prediction of failure and overall performance is crucial for both cost reduction in terms of effective maintenance strategies and guaranty of safety for the patients. As the era of digitalization advances, novel methodologies can be used for this purpose, such as the collection of data and using it in machine learning. This topic will be addressed by invited lectures at the upcoming conference.

shared, Prof. Dr. Gurbeta

As a university, we are proud to have people who are willing to share their knowledge
and experience, but also very grateful for opportunities given to these recognized