IBU student Nejra Gurbeta became EU young ambassador - International Burch University
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IBU student Nejra Gurbeta became EU young ambassador

Brussels made a final list of all participants. Five students from Bosnia and Herzegovina
were selected from the pool of 400 candidates. Nejra Gurbeta, a student from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, International Burch University, became one of 5 EU young ambassadors who will promote the values of our country and become the creator of a better tomorrow.

The WeBalkans YEA initiative is part of the European Union Regional Communication
Programme for the Western Balkans
, launched earlier this year. The Young European
Ambassadors (YEA) platform is a creative network of future young game-changers from
across the Western Balkans and the European Union (EU). The high number of
participants and +80,000 votes cast shows the great interest in the project, and in
opportunities offered by the EU for young people in the Western Balkans not only for
their personal improvement, but also for building solidarity and mutual support.
The final 60 winners were eventually decided by a mix of online public votes and a six-
person jury Livestream decider. As a Young European Ambassador (YEA) from the
Western Balkans, a young person will be a positive influencer and leader of change in
the region and the EU. They will be one of the first 60 members of a new network
developing skills and sharing ideas to promote EU values and opportunities. Whatever
they do, they will be able to lead events and campaigns as well as create their own
initiatives. Moreover, young ambassadors will take part in webinars, conferences,
events, and study trips in the EU and the Western Balkans to expand their skills and
network. Practical support will be on offer from EU information offices, projects, and
programs, as well as from youth and regional organizations. Training is also a big part
of the project since tailor-made courses, online materials and toolkits will give them
skills to set up their projects. They will also discover communication techniques – online
and offline – and learn all about the EU and what it offers to their region.

“In order to create a prosperous future for ourselves, we as young people have the responsibility to fulfill our own potential and to seize opportunities that are currently available to us here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

,shared Nejra.