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TACEESM - Transforming Architectural and Civil Engineering Education towards a Sustainable Model

Project Coordinator: Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio"Chieti – Pescara

IBU (Partner Institution) Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erna Husukić

Transforming Architectural and Civil Engineering Education towards a Sustainable Model | TACEESM | is Erasmus + KA2 project imagined to articulate and meet 21st century challenges with sustainable model of architectural and civil engineering education at partner universities, through core activities of teaching, research and knowledge transfer.

This project is seen as revolutionary development of partner HEIs that enhance ‘traditional’ ways of delivering knowledge with the potential for high impact on other HEIs on local, national, and regional level. It asserts new forms of delivering education through online platform that opens up enormous possibilities for partner countries to become part of European network of education and industry, and brings new dimension of education through virtual space. It employs a broad range of shared materials, instructional modules for particular architectural and civil engineering units, software’s, innovative teaching methods, designed and prepared by collaborative work of all partners and stakeholders that links newly formed educational environment to project objectives.

More information at taceesm.ba

Sustainable University - Enterprise Cooperation for Improving Graduate Employability (SUCCESS)


Western Balkan countries are on their way for integration to European Union. Besides the harmonization of law, improvement of institutional capabilities is another important agenda in this process. Considering this, establishment of EU model university-enterprise cooperation is crucial for WBC. The main objective of SUCCESS is to establish of university-enterprise cooperation by forming a partnership in the areas of education and knowledge transfer based on the market needs, as well as creating wide university-enterprise cooperation network in Western Balkan countries. These goals are aimed to be achieved through a steady collaboration among WBC universities and enterprises from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro, and EU universities from, Poland Spain, Serbia and Germany. Considering this, main activities foreseen within the project are as follows: Exploring the partnership models in EU and WBC, university – enterprise partnership, modernization of curricula by introducing practice-oriented teaching and learning, introducing internship programme in cooperation with business sector, reinforcing of existing structures and establishing start-up services. Successful implementation of those activities will lead to the increasing graduates employability. The results of the project are: university – business network established at each WBC, Regional network cooperation platform set-up and implemented, 4 common projects between partner universities and business sector created at each WBC HEIs, new updated courses/programmes implemented at WBC universities in cooperation with business sector, start-up services at WBC universities established and functional, academic staff trained in the practice-oriented teaching, internship programmes developed and introduced at 8 WBC universities. All of the activities and results of the project will be disseminated through the network established within the project

More information available at success-project.ba and Facebook page of the SUCCESS project.


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