Incoming Apllicants


Coming to IBU

Before Arrival
Before arrival, it is advised that Incoming Students and Staff acquire their Visa, Residency Permit and Health Insurance documentation, and also that they organise some form of Housing. This will ensure that students and staff are fully prepared for their mobility. Listed below are contacts for the aforementined documentation.
Visa and Residency Permit and Health Insurance
Human Resource Office
Mr. Enes Biber
Email: [email protected]
Housing Contact Dean of Students
Mrs. Emina Mekić
Email:[email protected]
Office for International Cooperation and Projects
Settling In
Upon arrival, Incoming Students and Staff should visit the Office for International Cooperation and Projects at International Burch University for further information. All relevant paperwork must be delivered to the ICP office for reference. Once completed, time tables and other requirements for studying/teaching will be organised.

Useful information

Emergency Numbers
Police 112
Ambulance 124
Fire Dept. 123

Living Expenses
Student living expenses will vary according to the individual. Please follow the link for more details on cost of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In terms of transportation, Sarajevo has many differents forms of transport such as taxis, busses, trolley busses and trams. All these forms require payment, and additional information is listed below:
Sarajevo International Airport
Address: Kurta Schorka 36
Phone: +387 33 28 91 00

Sarajevo International Bus Station
Address: Put zivota 8
Phone: +387 33 21 31 00

Flixbus Flixbus

There are many different taxi companies within Sarajevo, and we have listed below the most popular. Pick-up is free, and passengers are charged by kilometre.

TAXI Sarajevo taxi: +387 33 65 21 31
Žuti taxi: +387 33 66 35 55, +387 33 65 59 10
CRVENI taxi: +387 33 66 35 55, 033 1516

There are both private and public health centres in Bosnia and Hercegovina, where at both types of facilities you will be charged for your visit. Public Health Institutions require a Health Book, whereby patients can attend their appointments free of charge. It is advised to book an appointment before attending any form of Health Institution (excluding pharmacies).

Eurofarm Polyclinics
Address: Butmirska Cesta 14
Phone: 033/77 30 26
Working hours: 07:30 - 21:30, Saturday: 7:30:00-15:00, Sunday: Closed

Apoteke Sarajevo
Address: Emira Bogunića Čarlija 15, Ilidža
Phone: 033 762 180 Working hours: 00-24, 24/7