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International BURCH University Organized a New Year’s Gathering and Tournament

Even though volleyball was played just for fun, football was organized as a friendly competition. Over 70 students and staff members, as 11 individual teams, participated in a football tournament.  Winners of the tournament were students  Fon Teddy Newton, Faruk Sijerčić, Mohamed Halasa, Eldar Hrustemovic, Seraj Mousa and their team named Unbeatables.

We are glad we can say everyone had a great time either by participating or cheering for their favorite team.  Everyone agreed this was a successful team building and great year ending for the BURCH family.

Besides the tournament, International BURCH University organized a New Year’s gathering of its employees in the pleasant and well-arranged area of the Oaza Resort in Ilidza. The host of this gathering was Rector of International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović,  who welcomed his colleagues and members of their families.

“I am glad that we have gathered here, and that Burch has managed to assemble a large number of its employees in one place. Everyone decided to leave the comfort of their homes for a short while and spend it in the company of their associates”, said Rector of BURCH University Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, adding that he is particularly happy that Burch welcomed these holidays steadily with many more enrolled students than in recent years and with many new scientific projects to be discussed next year.

On this occasion, professor Marjanović specifically referred to the fact that the gathering was even more special because of all staff members who were sitting at the same table and exchanged ideas, attitudes, and anecdotes.

“International BURCH University will continue to persevere in its way of educating young people, writing a new chapter each day. Our goal is to provide the best education and give them a gift that no one can take away from them. This is of great importance to all of us, but also Bosnian society which needs young and educated people who will apply their ideas and scientific achievements in their homeland”, stressed professor Marjanović.

And in the future, the International BURCH University will actively work on the process of building education and will focus on new scientific projects that will show their results in the years to come.