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IRES students visited Belgrade on a study trip

Students from the Department of International Relations and European Studies went on a Study Tour of Belgrade.

Nine students from the Department of International Relations and European Studies welcomed the new academic year with a study trip to Belgrade. The trip was realized with a generous donation that the Department received from dr. Slobodan Miseljić, a Sarajevan who has developed a distinguished career as a physician in Boston, United States. The study trip gave IRES students a first-hand insight into the political situation in Serbia and the potential for cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The trip included both visits to the city’s landmarks and conversations with prominent people from Serbia’s public life. The first day consisted of student visits to the old fortress and park “Kalemegdan” and the church “Ružica”, as well as a lunch time with the former adviser of Serbian premier Ana Brnabić and Đorđe Milošević. Mr. Milošević familiarized the students with Serbian foreign relations, including those with our country, and discussed the projects he worked on during his term as an advisor. Specifically, the students were able to hear unique details regarding the negotiations over the future status of Kosovo, as well as the “Mini Schengen” initiative.

The following day, our students visited the mosque “Bajrakli džamija”, the National Museum of Serbia and the church “Saborna crkva”. In the mosque, the students heard a lecture about the history of the mosque and were engaged in a lively discussion about the status of Muslim people in Serbia with Imam Muhamed Hadzic. A few hours later, at the church, professor Vukašin Milišević from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology spoke about the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and political relations between the different orthodox churches in the region.

Students expressed high satisfaction with the trip and the knowledge gained from the important figures in Serbian politics. As IRES student, Dino Kukan stated that:

“The trip was a great experience and a great opportunity to get to know the city and meet new people. It has brought us closer together as a department. I am beyond proud and happy to be a part of this department and to participate in such events and trips.”

IRES Department is excited to support the students and their future ideas of similar study trips with the goal of adding valuable extracurricular activities.