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We provide the IT services that the International Burch University requires to fulfil its mission to be a world-class centre for research and teaching. As well as the core IT systems, tools and services that keep the University running day-to-day, we provide innovative services and projects to support learning, teaching and research. Our work is wide-ranging and diverse – explore what we do in the sections below.


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Microsoft Office 365 is now Free for all active Burch University student and staff email accounts.

In order to get your Microsoft license, first sign-up with your mail account by clicking Microsoft Sign-up. After that Microsoft will send a confirmation mail. Check your inbox and click that confirmation link.

When you complete these two steps successfully, you can sign-in Microsoft Portal and discover the Microsoft Office World.

I am new to the university. How do I get my network account(s) setup?
All Faculty account creations begin in the Human Resource (HR) office.
Learning Management System (LMS) access and usage

For all LMS request will be solved by Faculty Secretaries. (Create Course, Assign course to professor, etc.. )

  • Employees can login to LMS via IBU Google accounts.
  • Students can login to LMS via IBU Google accounts.
  • Students can enroll themselves into a course.

  • For more information please browse our LMS Documents.


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