Maida Štulanović: My Erasmus experience in Spain - International Burch University
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July 12, 2021
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July 13, 2021

Maida Štulanović: My Erasmus experience in Spain

In the following fragment of my adventure, I will try to bring you closer to the amazing opportunity that I was able to attend, thanks to the Erasmus exchange program. I was fortunate enough to get admitted and experience a new way of life in Spain for five months. As a person who likes to travel and experience the unknown, I could not wait to enter my new home for the next couple of months. A Coruña, a city in the northwest part of Spain, in the Galicia province, surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and marine lifestyle, was a great place to study and live for a short period of life.

As an architect, you have to be prepared to easily adapt to new and unfamiliar situations, which was a great aspect of this program. Meeting new people and pushing myself out of my comfort zone helped me to grow as a person. Changing a place of living teaches you how to look at things from a different perspective, which I believe, every person should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Every time, it was interesting to enter Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura because you could feel architecture all around you and see a lot of professors and architecture students, which additionally motivated you to work and be better. My new professors taught me a lot, which will certainly influence future decisions. Besides taking courses and meeting new professors, which will help you in your career path, you will be able to meet new friends and travel to get to know as much as possible. I was fortunate enough to meet amazing friends with whom I have even traveled to another part of Spain – Andalusia, searching for architectural gems and observing through the eye of an architectural student. During those amazing moments, you start to think about how much you will miss it, but in the end, you understand that this is not supposed to last longer than it should, and you try to soak in as much as possible. As in everyday life, you start forgetting things, but some of them, you always remember. The same goes for this exchange. It went so fast, but it was an amazing period on which I am so grateful. I hope that you as well, one day, go on an exchange program and experience something new for which you will, at least once, let go of a tear…