Main cable assembly completed on world’s longest suspension bridge - International Burch University
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July 13, 2021
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July 13, 2021

Main cable assembly completed on world’s longest suspension bridge

Construction on Turkey’s 1915Çanakkale Bridge has reached a major milestone with completion of the assembly of the main cables for what will become the world’s longest suspension bridge when it is completed next year.

The project team has just released a video charting the progress on the project this spring and is now focusing on constructing the bridge deck itself.

The middle span of the bridge will be 2,023m and assembly of the 288 steel cables between the two 318m tall towers on this span is now complete. There are 296 steel cables in the side spans of the bridge.

In May a floating sheerleg crane, with a capacity of 5,000t, was brought in to assemble the deck blocks and the first 87 of these have now been placed on the working platform of the tower on the Asian side of the new link. Positioning of these blocks will be undertaken throughout the summer.

The bridge is a key part of the 324km Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Savaştepe Motorway Project. Besides the 1915Çanakkale Bridge, the project also includes the construction of two approach viaducts, four viaducts, 55 bridges and overpasses, 40 underpasses, 238 culverts of various sizes and 12 junctions.


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