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Master in International Relations and EU Studies

IRES MA is a Springboard of Your Career

The Master of Arts Program in International Relations and European Studies was established in response to a wider social need to train the professionals from various fields, from the public administration, media and non-governmental organizations, to the academy, who would like to build on their knowledge gained in the undergraduate study.

We prepare you for real-world challenges

  • Giving you knowledge, skills and abilities that are tailored for success in the contemporary political world

  • Providing opportunities to work on real-life projects

  • Developing a life-long professional network

  • Exposing you to communicate with professors who are both accessible and professional

  • Promoting and encouraging constructive and creative thinking

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    The IRES MA Program is designed for current or future professionals who seek to develop careers in the fields of state administration, media, foreign affairs, security management and European integration services. It also equips students with skills and critical thinking necessary for original contribution to a professional success in a variety of international and non-governmental agencies. Modularly based teaching in subjects which cover a wide range of topics in the field of international relations, will enable such professionals to get further information and specialize in a wide range of topics.

    The international relations study builds a strong theoretical basis for understanding events in contemporary international relations, but also insists on a hands-on approach for the practical understanding of modern diplomatic practice. Students will combine the acquired theoretical knowledge with the skills of interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking, logical conclusion, and data integration and their application in empirical analysis of problems and phenomena in contemporary international relations.

    Curriculum of the Master Program ENG BOS

    List of Elective Courses

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    Master of International Relations (4+1)

    Open to all Bachelor majors (120 ECTS).

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    Master of International Relations – Diplomacy (3 + 2)

    This course aims to provide in-depth knowledge of diplomatic theory and practice, including specialized knowledge of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, public diplomacy, diplomatic law and economic diplomacy. The first-year coursework prepares students for a two-semester long research thesis that offers a genuine academic contribution to the theoretical and practical understanding of specific aspects of diplomatic life, as well as diplomacy as an area of study more generally.

    Open to all Bachelor majors (120 ECTS).

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    Master of International Relations - Security and Conflict Management (3 + 2)

    This course aims to provide advanced knowledge of security theories and concepts, including specialized knowledge in conflict prevention and resolution, EuroAtlantic Security, national security strategies, societal security, and mediation and negotiation. The first-year coursework prepares students for a two-semester long research thesis that will offer innovative theoretical and empirical knowledge and, ultimately, contribute to an understanding of security issues both in the Balkan region and globally.

    This program consists of 60ECTS.

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    Master of International Relations - European Integration (3 + 2)

    This track aims to provide advanced understandings and practical knowledge of the diverse aspects of the processes of European integrations. This is achieved through specialized courses that deal with EU Law, EU Security, Enlargement and Neighborhood Policies and economic consequences and implications of political integrations. The coursework prepares students for a two-semester long research thesis that will offer a genuine contribution to an understanding of European integrations generally, and the EU path of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically.

    This program consists of 120 ECTS.

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    Mersiha Jaskic, IRES MA STUDENT

    When I came to the Department of International Relations and European Studies as a first-year student, my expectations were high. I was guided by that cliché of shooting for the moon, and even if I did not reach it, I would be among the stars - but the Department of International Relations and European Studies even exceeded my expectations.

    It has given us an opportunity to work with experts in their field, perform practical work through various seminars, trainings and workshops organized by the Department, as well as the freedom to organize various events ourselves and plan activities that are of interest to us. Through our studies at IRES, we met many successful people from the world of politics, media and the non-governmental sector, but most importantly, we made friends among colleagues and professors and became a family.


    Burch Diplomacy Club

    A Student Club operating within the IRES Department has a mission to contribute to the education and upbringing of a generation of skilled and capable Bosnian foreign policy professionals, establish a forum for the free and unhindered expression of thoughts, provide the academic enlightenment of both students and staff, and stimulate the academic exchange of ideas and thoughts. Burch Diplomacy Club organizes various guest lectures, workshops, simulations and other extracurricular activities that complement classwork.

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