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Selection Criteria

Selection criteria
As not all bodies are eligible for exchange, students and staff must first complete certain criterias before they are eligible for International Credit Mobility, and these requirements are listed below:
Students are required to have good attendance records (minimum 70%); No disciplinary actions should be claimed against student It is mandatory for students to have at least 30 ECTS in their Learning Agreement and a GPA of 8 or higher; Students must understand the language conducted at the Host Univeristy; Student are required to organise their own travel insurance. Student must adhere to the Protocols on incoming and Outgoing Mobilities adopted by the University Senate and available here Priority will be given to the students who are fullfillng above mentioned criteria and are applying for the Erasmus + mobility for the first time. Students with lower socio-economc standing are equally encouraged to apply for Erasmus + student mobility.
Staff members are required to understand the language used at the Host Univeristy; Staff members must fully respect the Protocols on incoming and Outgoing Mobilities adopted by the University Senate and available here Staff members must organise their own travel insurance.
How to Apply?
The application procedure is simple and can be summarized in the following chart:
Before the Mobility
Call for Mobility is Announced
-Students should see the available call for mobility on the ICP Office website and Facebook page.
Students should confirm that the announced call includes their respective department.
Selection Criteria
- Students should check the selection criteria first.If they find their profile fitting for the mobility students will make an initial talk with their Head of Department and fill in the Student Nomination Form

- Only after approval of Head of Department or Selection Committee in a case of large number of applications ICP Office will start the nomination process towards the host institution.

Nomination Process
- If nominated, student will be quided by the ICP Office through the sequence of Neccessary steps and documents preparation.
The following forms are required for Outgoing Student/Staff Mobilities. These forms must be completed by the Student/Staff and approved of by the relevant Head of Departments before being brought to the ICP Office. Prior to filling out these forms, it is important to ensure the fulfillment of the selection criteria.
Note: Click on the form to download
Student Nomination Form
Learning Agreement
Staff Mobility for Teaching
Staff Mobility for Training