PhD Program in the Department of English Language and Literature

Be a PhD in English Language and Literature

We have built the road leading towards the attainment of encyclopedic, transferable and indispensable skills

Thus, this PhD program gives you an opportunity to think in depth about language and literature. It teaches you how to interpret, evaluate and provide a careful explication of different texts within their specific historical and cultural contexts as well as how to deploy ideas from diverse works in the field of critical theory in your own reading and writing. ELL PhD graduates will be able to conduct research in diverse fields independently within different strands, namely theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics and literature.


At this PhD program you will be:

  • introduced to most modern research methods and techniques
  • work closely with experts in the field of linguistics, literature and ELT
  • challenged intellectually and academically
  • Program

    ELL PhD program is a three-year program and is 180 ECTS credits worth and it is thus designed to lead to obtaining a PhD within six semesters. PhD candidates can specialize and seek expertise in diverse fields of applied and theoretical linguistics, literature and ELT.

    The program assures that students gain broad literary and cultural knowledge along with the research skills that will allow them to make innovative contributions to the world of ideas.
    It is committed to the idea that learning is a social process, and that one can learn a great deal from one's peers when lodged in a community that encourages students to share ideas.

    Curriculum of the PhD Program_FULL

    Curriculum of the PhD Program_SHORT

    The program emphasis is on:

  • professionally empowering PhD candidates through their active involvement in academic conferences and scholarly publications;
  • motivating them to increase their knowledge of the field by contributing original work;
  • enhancing candidates’ awareness of the cultural contexts of theoretical and literary works;

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vildana Dubravac testimony

    Our PhD program aims at training our students to be independent, acknowledged and professional experts in the field of English language and literature. Passing the courses the students gain considerable knowledge and develop essential skills they will use later supporting both the theoretical as well as practical development of the field. Thus, our students become the best representatives of young successful people ready to make a significant contribution to the society they live in.