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July 13, 2021
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July 13, 2021

Rail supply chain charter gains momentum as it reaches 300 signatories

The Rail Supply Group’s (RSG) Work Pipeline Visibility Charter has reached 300 signatories.

Launched in May this year, the charter aims to enable organisations throughout the supply chain to plan and deliver with confidence.

It arose out of research undertaken last year by the RSG which found that action was needed to give confidence back to the rail sector and drive forward an industry-wide recovery.

The RSG learned that encouraging one-to-one discussions between clients and suppliers using “already available work pipeline information”, focusing on in-flight projects and contracts near to award stage, would lead to far more collaborative working environments.

Business of all shapes and sizes also told the RSG that these types of open discussions would allow them to invest in their people, skills, services and products. As such, the RSG believes that work pipeline visibility is a key enabler to increasing productivity right across the sector.

Rail Supply Group Charter

We will provide work pipeline visibility across the supply chain to allow our suppliers to plan and invest with confidence, driving improvements in productivity, collaboration, and delivery of outcomes.

RSG Work Pipeline Visibility Charter champion Darren James, who is also Keltbray chief executive, said that in launching the charter, the RSG in partnership with government “took the first step towards creating the impetus for a ‘business as usual’ collaborative approach to sharing work pipelines”.

He added: “Our ultimate goal is that ‘Work Pipeline Visibility’ will be an integral part of all future procurement. The rail industry in the UK is undergoing huge transformational change with the creation of ‘Great British Railways’, we believe there is no better time to create certainty across the sector. “

James emphasised that the response to the charter has shown it is necessary and thanked businesses for “adding their voice”.

Other businesses can sign up here, with the RSG welcoming signatures from all businesses supplying the rail industry – infrastructure contractors, technology suppliers, consultancies, OEMs, project management companies and SME specialist suppliers.

Its target is to reach 500 signatories by the end of the summer.

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