Rector’s Note

Rector's Note

Dear students,

We know that you are at a difficult crossroad and that you are about to make an important decision in your life and your career. Please know that programs at International Burch University are applicable in every field and every path of life. Hence, after bachelor studies, it will be easier for you to pursue your career and continue your studies in various sectors and departments.

Welcome to the best private University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the first entrepreneurial University in the region. Welcome to the learning environment that will help you grow and broaden your horizons. We create the environment where you will be able to combine the knowledge and wisdom necessary to make an impact on society. Through our various departments and study programs we focus on our students, we cater to their needs and we tailor our curriculum to their benefits. This serves our objective so we could be proud of them tomorrow. IBU has adopted a strategy which will increase the number of domestic students, attract international students from different world regions and switch to a more diverse higher education offered by entering the distance learning market. In addition, there is also an ambition to create and develop an incubator and accelerator platform (entrepreneurial business).

The business incubator platform creates value through the combination of local intellectual capital and financial capital markets in London. The challenge that Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently facing is a ‘brain drain’. Young, ambitious intellectuals leave the country to seek education and employment opportunities in EU countries and beyond. IBU’s goal is to create a higher education model that links learning with the development of business acumen. By encouraging and nurturing business ideas, predispositions for commercial benefit can be developed for both young entrepreneurs and IBU.

At the IBU we will do our best to offer you what you need to stay in BiH and take leading roles in society, which will make tremendous changes for a better future. But it is not an easy task. You must be proactive and take part in extracurricular activities. Become members of various Burch students’ clubs offered to you. Shoot for the stars to be the best you can be. Do not be average – be the best: “Good enough is not good enough if you can be better, and better is not good enough if you can be the best.” What we promise to you is that all academic and administrative staff will be there for you to support you and solve potential struggles you will be going through. Use every minute spent at our campus to learn something new but have fun too.

No matter what your career is focused on, the International Burch University programs will INSPIRE, CHALLENGE AND CONNECT you. What starts here changes the world - welcome to Burch Family!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak


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