Procedures & Policies

1 Quality Policy

2 Policy for Quality Assurance of Study Programs

3 SP - Procedure for creating, adopting, changin and distibution of documents

4 SP - Internal Audit Procedure

5 SP - Records Management Procedure

6 SP - Nonconformities Management Procedure

7 SP - Corrective Meassures Management Procedure

8 SP - Preventive Measures Management Procedure

9 Students' Exchange Procedure

10 Procedure for project application

11 Instructions for design, content, coding of QMS documents

12 Employee performance review policy

13 Evaluation of Academic Staff by Students

14 Calculation of passing rates and average grade policy

15 Knowledge assessment policy

16 Examination policy

17 Procedure for resolving objections and complaints

18 Procedure for organization of scientific conferences and symposiums

19 Uputstvo za rad biblioteke

20 Procedura interne i eksterne komunikacije

21 Continuing Education Center Procedure

22 Procedura za izbor u zvanje nastavnika i saradnika

23 Procedure for employment of non-academic staff

24 Instructions for admission of academic - administrative staff


1. Procedura o donošenju i evaluaciji studijskih programa