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Rules and Regulations

Law on Higher Education
Student Disciplinary Code
Degree Procedures
This section explains the process of acquiring the degree on all three study programs (undergraduate, Master and PhD) at International Burch University. Undergraduate degree can be acquired by following Undergraduate degree procedure, available HERE

Master degree can be acquired by following Master degree procedure, available HERE

PhD degree can be acquired by following PhD degree procedure, available HERE

For more information, please, contact Faculty Secretary.
Faculty Decisions
November 2016 Council of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies adopted on the CXXXIII meeting, held on 16th November 2016, the decision regarding the grading structure for all courses within the Faculty, for the spring semester, 2016. The decision can be found here.
Rules for Midterm Exams
Council of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences adopted a decision on regulation of midterm exams at the 156th session held on 10th of April 2018. For further details, students may contact respective Head of department or faculty secretary.