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Sarajevo Canton Mathematics Competition Held at Burch

Totally 198 students from 20 different high schools joined the Canton Sarajevo Math Competition. According to the final results, among all participants’ schools, Sarajevo College was ranked first with total points of 814, the second was Second Gymnasium with 761 points, and third place won the International School Sarajevo with 556 points.

All students who won the first place were awarded with 300 KM, second place with 250 KM and the third place with 200 KM, which were handed by Rector Deputy Assist. Prof. Dr. Gunay Karli. Students who won the 4th and 5th place got the opportunity to join Federal Math Competition. Besides that, the 4th grade students got the special award, scholarship for study at International Burch University, in amounts from 50 – 30 % from the first to third place.

Here are the final results of the competition:

1st Grades

1. Kurtović Neira, Sarajevo College
2. Salkić Edna, Sarajevo College
3. Gobeljić Adnan, 2nd Gymnasium
4. Sabljica Amila, International School Sarajevo
5. Dedić Benjamin, 3rd Gymnasium
5. Karahodžić Kenan, 3rd Gymnasium
5. Spahović Berin, Sarajevo College

2nd Grades

1. Šišić Melika, 2nd Gymnasium
2. Papić Demir, International School Sarajevo
3. Halilović Amar, 2nd Gymnasium
3. Kreho Adnan, International School Sarajevo
3. Pepić Dženis, Sarajevo College
4. Čelebić Nermana, Sarajevo College
4. Modrić Emina, Sarajevo College
5. Mustafić Ibrahim, Sarajevo College

3rd Grades

1. Jašarević Abdulah, Sarajevo College
1. Kujan Lamija, International School Sarajevo
1. Muminović Rijad, 2nd Gymnasium
2. Omeragić Admir, 1st Gymnasium
3. Sarajlić Dina, 2nd Gymnasium
4. Brkić Haris, Sarajevo College
5. Hasanbegović Ensar, 3rd Gymnasium

4th Grades – International Burch University Scholarship Awards

1. Hadžić Hadžem, Sarajevo College
1. Suljević Samir, 3rd Gymnasium
2. Hujić Ema, 2nd Gymnasium
3. Baković Maida, First Bosniac Gymnasium
4. Bevrnja Mustafa, First Bosniac Gymnasium
5. Dedić Kenan, Sarajevo College

International Burch University wishes all of the success to all participants in their future high school and university education.

 Download the Sarajevo Canton Mathematics Competition Bulletin