Undergraduate Program in the Department of English Language and Literature - International Burch University

Be a Bachelor in English Language and Literature

Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.
– Benjamin Lee Whorf

The aim of our undergraduate program is to carefully identify and accommodate the learning styles and strategies of our students and assist them in their journey towards linguistic, literary, cultural and socio-anthropological approaches to numerous and various subject matters that are beneficial to their scholastic involvement.


English department has totally 240 ECTS credits of courses which are completely transferable within the European Education area and compatible to the equivalent programs of English in USA, Australia and Asia.

The four-year program in English Language and Literature leads to a bachelor’s degree. The always up-to-date curriculum is an amalgam of linguistic, sociological, philosophical, cultural, psychological, scientific and literary approaches to a variety of general and specific subject areas, some of them being general linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, TESOL, literature, composition studies, and translation studies. Following the obtaining of the BA degree, our students are presented with the opportunity to continue their studies at both MA and PhD level in an invigorating, inclusive and ideational environment.

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program

“Words, he decided, were inadequate at best, impossible at worst. They meant too many things. or they meant nothing at all.”
― Patricia A. McKillip, In the Forests of Serre

We seek to promote intellectual endeavor with passion and inquisitiveness and develop graduates equipped with analytical capacities that will complement their personal and professional life after graduation.