Undergraduate Program in the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia


Be a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Multimedia

Graphic Design and Multimedia
is a creative career opportunity

One of the key aspects of this study program is the wide variety of creative careers one can pursue after receiving a degree. Switching up your style, working on a range of projects is always an option. We give you the background for turning design into your career.



In order to complete your undergraduate education, you will have to get a minimum of 240 credits, more commonly known as ECTS. This amounts to four years of continuous study, or 60 ECTS per year. Credits are completely transferable within the European Education area and compatible to the equivalent programs of English in USA, Australia and Asia.

The courses at the Graphic Design and Multimedia Department range from primarily theoretical to highly practical. Courses cover topics such as color, typography, graphics, and composition, within a variety of fields, including design, illustration, photography, audiovisual art, and other forms of media.

Graduates from the Bachelor program are awarded with the title:
Bachelor of Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Curriculum of the Undergraduate Program

We give you the background for turning design into your career

What you can do

You’ll learn a range of valuable, design-oriented skills that will enable you to pursue a career in the field of graphic design and multimedia. You will be able to create:

• Logos, symbols and illustrations

• Advertisements and posters

• Brochures and marketing materials

• Online video, TV commercials and documentaries

• Websites and visual media elements

• Interactive designs